outside class in nature

each Sunday of July and August

in Wilrijk (Antwerp) @ Steytelinck Park

11.00 - 12.30 h

Class will not proceed if weather conditions are really bad. This is still Belgium, I am aware of that. Together we pray for a morning Surya (=sun).
De les gaat niet door wanneer het erg slecht weer is. Dit blijft België, ik weet het. We bidden samen voor een ochtendlijke Surya (=zon).

ENG/ NL depending on the needs of the class
ENG/NL afhankelijk van de noden van de klas

Bring: a mat, a blanket, dress in layers so you can adept to conditions

Breng: een mat, deken, kleed je in lagen zodat je kan aanpassen

Price: contribute as you feel

Prijs: draag bij wat juist voelt

Exact location will be communicated

Exacte locatie volgt

2/7 - 9/7 - 16/7 - 23/7 - 30/7 and 6/8 - 13/8 - 20/8 - 27/8

Indoor classes starting in autumn. More info soon.



Yoga consists of the methods and practices that lead to Union of individual consciousness with the divine or cosmic consciousness.

It is about a lot more than excercising to get that lean summer-body. Though it can also help you to achieve that strong physical body.

Nowadays plenty of forms of fysical excercises are called Yoga.

I was educated in the ancient Kundalini Yoga tradition of the Himalaya's in India. So I like to respect the Holistic approach of the Yogic lifestyle.


Excercising Yoga can be a holistic approach to a healthy and joyful life lived to the fullest.



Kundalini energy is the sleeping dormant potential force in the human organism and is situated at the root of the spinal column in Mooladhara chakra. To awaken this energy you can practice yogic techniques as asana (posture), pranayama (breath), mudra (gestures), mantra (reciting), bandha (locks) and meditation.

As Kundalini finds its way up through sushumna nadi (main nadi or energy channel) it passes through the main chakra's in the body which are interconnected with the dormant area's in the brain. Modern scientists confirm that within most people 92% of brain centers lie unused, thus dormant. When Kundalini rises there is an explosion in the brain and these so far silent area's of the brain start blossoming like flowers. 

Kundalini is the name for the potential force. It is called Kali when just awakened but you are not ready to use it for beneficial purposes. It becomes Durga when you start to really work with this energy for the greater good.




start in september

donderdagen @ Huis Wel-Zijn

I have successfully completed the requirements of the 200 h Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course by Samadhi Yoga Ashram Rishikesh (India).

This program meets all standards set by Yoga Alliance USA.

My Yoga Alliance ID number is 231822